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Hello Everyone,
I still thought I had time to post I am at Pacific time but it looks closed already.

I just want everyone to know I am a huge supporter of Women in Technology. I even co-founded a sorority at the University of Minnesota Women in Technology for college students.

Since then I have it made it my platform to see women succeed in technology.

Recently, I ran for Mrs. Corporate America in Florida two weeks ago and I won! Women in Technology is my platform. My goals are
- Creating Mentoring Opportunities for Women in Technology
- Empowering Women to Break the Glass Ceiling in the Technology Field
- Empowering Women to Earn the Same Pay and Leadership Positions
- Nurturing Science and Technology Within the School Systems

I will do this with public speaking opportunities. If you know of anyone that needs a public speaker please contact me. You can schedule an appearance at
I'm proud of all you and lets keep reaching for the stars.
Sonja Fisher
Mrs. Corporate America
Sonja Fisher, 11 years ago.

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