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i agree that people should not use violence because they have been offended such as blowing a place up like some stupid thick people but i do believe this book has been created by the author Sherry jones (jewel of Medina) to cause strife and upheaval in a multicultural country and for money. she is an evil woman and she siad she created this book to make aisha seem 'real' to people - how can aisha not be real just as jesus is real to christians?! just because jesus isnt alive does not mean he is an alien or he not human! aisha is very real to me. she also explained that she wanted to show people a historical point from her book aswell - looking at history of the prophet muhammads day and age, the book is fiction and it is historically inaccurate then what excuse does she have? and sherry jones also says "Anyone who reads the book will see that it honours the prophet and his favourite wife" if a book depicts that aisha had run away with another man and then came back to muhammad which is historically UNTRUE it shows that adultury is acceptable and also morally degrading! and how does this show honour?? that woman sherry is despicable!!
shuhena, 13 years ago.

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