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"I will smile and say "hello" to strangers I pass on the streets in my neighborhood but only if 50 residents of Boston, Massachusetts, USA will too."

And now for some questions and answers:

Q. When can I start smiling and saying hello to strangers in my neighborhood?

A. Whenever you like.

Q. How long do I have to smile and say hello to strangers in my neighborhood?

A. Until you *want* to.

Q. If I don't honor my pledge, will the Charm Police come to my house to investigate?

A. No. We're using the honor system.

Q. Is it too late to recruit more people to take the pledge?

A. Absolutely not! The pledge will remain open until 09/01/2006.

Q. What else can I do to promote this idea?

A. Whatever you like. Email the pledge announcement to friends, family, and colleagues. Create and distribute flyers, stickers, or lapel buttons. Write a letter to your neighborhood paper. Use your imagination!
Deborah Elizabeth Finn, 14 years ago.

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