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When children give their "first smile", everyone is so excited...a SMILE is so uplifting...a real SMILE comes from deep within. I love to SMILE...
Our 16 month old granddaughter, Emma Grace, has just learned to walk and loves to SMILE and to say HELLO. When a person approaches her in our apartment building -- she will first SMILE and WAVE and say HELLO. If they don't acknowledge her, she will say HELLO a little louder and if they keep walking, she will toddle off after them, saying HELLO louder and louder until she can't keep up with them...SAD, isn't it. It doesn't keep Emma from SMILING, WAVING, and saying HELLO to the next person. I'm sure she would give a SMILE pledge, if she was old enough. She would not only pledge, she'd win the hearts of all of you who just "LOVE TO SMILE."

Lois (Mom - Sox)
Lois R. Griswold, 14 years ago.

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