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I received a call from a CNN producer. They're doing some sort of program on the effect that happiness has on health, and they want to do a little segment on our "smile and say hello" pledge.

I explained to him that my original motive had more to do with civic engagement than happiness - but he said he was interested in coming up and filming an interview with me anyway.

Well! I'm not really a TV person (don't watch it, don't own one) so I felt pretty ambivalent about the idea of being interviewed. However, I thought it might be more interesting to film a gathering of folks who are participating in the pledge. I was thinking that we could all meet in a local cafe and chat, and that the CNN people could film that, or maybe interviews of several people. The producer was definitely interested in that.

What do you think? Are you interested in getting together, or in being covered by CNN?

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Many thanks and best regards from Deborah
Deborah Elizabeth Finn, 13 years ago.

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