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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “alittlemorelove”

"I will pledge to give people a chance before I judge them, to help others when I can fill a need in their lives, to promote a positive outlook on life, and to spread a little more love in a world that could really use it. but only if 100 others will join me."

— Britt Sikora, a regular girl looking to make a change

Deadline to sign up by: 31st December 2013
108 people signed up (8 over target)

More details
In response to several tragedies that have occurred this year, I believe that we could all use "a little more love." I feel that there is a lot of hate, judgement, politics, egos, and general negativity that is bringing us all down. This pledge is aimed to change that, one person at a time. By pledging to be more positive, you will improve your own life and impact the lives of others. Please pledge to make a change with me.

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Britt Sikora, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Kat Smith
  • Michele Martin
  • Hannah Davenport
  • Kristi Pappas
  • Montana Minson
  • Christian Akisn
  • Gabriele
  • wendy sikora
  • Natalie Cross
  • Patti Harris
  • Jelytza Padro
  • Megan White
  • Veronica Gibson
  • Clare
  • Jessica Hill
  • Brooke Sikora
  • Mary M
  • Holly
  • Stephanie Simmons
  • Tara Goulding
  • Nonnie Bridgers
  • Laura Gardea
  • Joe Beardsworth
  • Mandy Arthur
  • suzi cossett
  • Alyssa Neese
  • Brittany Nicole
  • Paul (Arithon)
  • Wesley Cowan
  • Chelse Lang
  • Sandrina
  • Katherine Jutras
  • David Hinder
  • Marco Peralta
  • Patti Batchelder
  • Yvonne Ashworth
  • Synamon Adrianna
  • Miguel Olivares
  • coyunda jones
  • Luke Flegg
  • Li
  • Pamela J. Fess
  • Shayla Jordan
  • Jaden
  • Ghislain Gagnon
  • evamama
  • britney mcday
  • Michelle Jones
  • Nichelle Jamison
  • Rosie Noah
  • Erik Westerlund
  • Anna Crusis
  • Lexi
  • Sophie
  • Iulian Dumitrascu
  • Jennifer Samuels
  • Yolanda Whitaker
  • Teresa Hallman
  • Alicia Lambert
  • Shakira Jackson Scott
  • Paul Bright
  • John Mark Harmeling
  • Tammy Norris
  • Jen DeLong
  • Jack
  • Maya
  • Nathaniel Edward Wyatt II
  • Anna
  • Lillian
  • Paulie <3
  • Jared Dix
  • Nicole Davis
  • Hayley C
  • Hanna Siler
  • Gabija
  • Mari JS
  • Curtis
  • sandra cairns
  • Stuart Saint
  • John G Gooderham
  • Sandy Warren
  • Angela Beddows
  • Victoria Hunt
  • Jennie Armstrong
  • Alison Petrie
  • Dawne Parmenter
  • Julie Taylor
  • heather crane
  • Catherine Heather
  • Charlotte
  • Anne Robson
  • peter harvey
  • Anne Bellenie
  • Silvia
  • 11 people who did not want to give their names, 2 of whom have done the pledge

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