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United States
I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

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Pledge “ReduceTechUse”

"I will reduce my smart phone & computer usage by 10% (calls, texts, gaming) and turn off all electronic devices one hour before going to bed but only if 20 other local people will do the same."

— Joseph Santillo

Deadline to sign up by: 15th June 2013
34 people signed up (14 over target)

Country: United States
Place: 06830 (view map)

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Electronic addiction has become more than a problem; It has become an epidemic. As part of my Capstone Project, I want to raise awareness and promote forward progress toward this issue. Data shows that anywhere from 1.4% to 17.9% of adolescents are addicted to the Internet and 37% of teens say they feel they wouldn’t be able to live without a cellphone once they had it. The Internet Addiction rate among 7th graders in Taiwan is 10.8%. Teens are sleep deprived from middle of the night texts and late night gaming. You can start to make a difference by participating in my pledge. I will donate $1 for every pledge to The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction.

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Joseph Santillo, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Tara Santillo
  • Jessica Santillo
  • mario santillo
  • Ann Marie
  • Jeanne Griffiths
  • Ilene Rietsch
  • Tom O'Grady
  • Gina DiGiacomo
  • Liz gatto
  • Nella Pignataro
  • vikki cappiali
  • PJ Connolly
  • Cassius Johnson
  • Joao Pedro Leite
  • Frances O'Grady
  • Lisa Santillo
  • Thomas o'Grady
  • Peter Kirsch
  • Maryann Jagodzinski
  • Linda Kocot
  • Linda Cannavo
  • jenn donat
  • Terese Case
  • John Boylan
  • Mary Grandville
  • Cynthia Sherwin
  • Lissa Bentley
  • Lori Neilsen
  • Kent Sullivan-Wiley
  • stephanie
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