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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “NoBullys”

"I will Help to stop bullying but only if 100 People/teens will Also help."

— Kallie Ohanian

Deadline to sign up by: 1st December 2013
111 people signed up (11 over target)

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Hey everyone :)

teens and kids everyday are being bullied. For this pleadge, you must live by the fallowing:

I promise, to stop and report bullying whenever and whereever it is. I won't ever participart or sink down the the bullys level. I will treat all people with equal rights for as long as I live.

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  • I would help against a bully as much as I could at the same time trying not to cause further trouble for me.
    Linda Drew, 8 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I will try to avoid eye contact when someone bullies me. It's strange but it works most of the time.
  • We can teach our kids how to handle bullying better. For example, not making eye contact with bullies.
  • I'm already involved in trying to educate people about intolerance and bullying. Telling victioms "not to listen" or "avoid eye-contact" doesn't make it better, or go away.
    Jay Humphrey, 8 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I have been doing this for many years both in preparing my own child for dealing with bullies and in ignoring those that still bully me - at the age of 41!
  • HappINess Day! May ALL BE-IN-gs find awaREness withIN and bully no more. $$$
    The Rev. Chawanda Tweety-Bird Ebo Ba-Ka Charae, 7 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Does this include standing up to bullying by adults against their own children?

    Now *that's* some real heroism!
  • Kids bully for many reasons. Some bully because they feel insecure. Picking on someone who seems emotionally or physically weaker provides a feeling of being more important, popular, or in control. In other cases,kids bully because they simply don't know that it's unacceptable to pick on kids who are different because of size, looks, race, or religion.
  • Schools today are more interest in damage limitations to the corporate image rather than addressing the psychological impact and or injury to another as a result of bullying.
    Bullies tend to do better as they do not need to stay off school because of being bullied.
    Meirion, 7 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I like such actions. Let's spread peace among people!
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Kallie Ohanian, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Walter Martinez
  • Dave J. Fekete
  • Harris Cofie
  • Xavier Seton
  • nadaa
  • Ian C. Glover
  • Jason
  • Kelly
  • nina gentry
  • Lexi
  • Hannah
  • Sherri Tassi
  • alannajasminelyman
  • Bri Hill
  • Mahogany Gibbs-Polk
  • Erica Morris
  • Regina E. Dorfmeyer
  • Charlene Atchison
  • Kimberly Williams
  • Toyiah Marquis
  • Ginte
  • Rachel L
  • Keysha Coffield
  • Saule
  • Ricardo Sequeiros Coelho
  • Quiana Matthews
  • Diane Abrams
  • Josh Kerling
  • talia
  • Kirlisha Brooks
  • Leann
  • Geneva Armstrong
  • Miss A.Laing
  • A Kris Allen fan
  • Linda Drew
  • Raydeena Fisher
  • Dakota Falango
  • Sarah Sparks
  • dakota
  • Sophisticated Lady
  • Avis Brannon
  • Violet
  • Jos
  • LP
  • Charlotte
  • Emma
  • Alexis Smith
  • hootchie
  • Marissa Frosst
  • Tawanna Badson
  • Kara Watson
  • Shoba
  • Hyewon
  • Michelle Benning
  • Joe
  • Erin
  • Jay Humphrey
  • David Harker
  • Elyza
  • La'Keisha Butts
  • Jamie L. Gordon
  • Tonkla Abilio
  • shahada Nurdeen
  • blucyk
  • Nicole Moberly
  • Barbara
  • Sharon V. Broughton
  • Brigitte Lechner
  • Nikki
  • aoife doheny
  • Blaise Pascal
  • renu
  • Ebony McIntosh
  • Shane Lambert
  • Daishia R. Eleby
  • Danielle Staub
  • Crystal Sloan
  • Stacy Doss
  • Ольга
  • Isis
  • christa thompson
  • Johnetta Renae
  • Norkita White
  • Abhaya
  • Larissa Evans
  • Tabitha moran
  • Shariyfa Weeks
  • Ricarda Munch
  • Larissa Whitby
  • Naomi teWinkel
  • Branee Benner
  • Renita James
  • Hannah Zarczynska
  • Meirion
  • Granito tinygrainofsand
  • Jaden
  • Iulian Dumitrascu
  • Rachel Mauleon, Secondary school teacher
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