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Pledge “semaski”

"I will Protest all in red on mothers day but only if 20 others will do the same."

— carmen semaski, Catholic moter exiled by a Jewish Judge

Deadline to sign up by: 15th March 2009
9 people signed up, 11 more were needed

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To Protest against the UK Goverment, its corrupted Courts and Lawyers just thisrty for money in the UK. I will dress all in Red and Protest around London to show the world this is not a Democratic country but a filtfy Dictatorship, discriminatory, and most af all Racist country in Europe... where children are being taken as in Germany 1930's and disapeared without any one to be accounted for ...and all in here in the Glorious Great Britain

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  • Yes, I will wear red on Mothers Day and I will tell everyone I meet why I am dressed from head to toe in red that day.

    Red is the colour of blood, and the secret family courts have shed blood by taking children away from the people who love and protect them, in order to give them to abusers, because these secret courts are corrupr and illegal, they are destroying family after family, they are destroying society, some of these abused children become so traumatised that they turn to crime.

    Jesus, please make this insanity stop. Please make the people in this country see the corruption and evil in these secret family courts.
    Zoompad, 8 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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carmen semaski, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Rose
  • Colin Peters
  • paula adams
  • Maria Delgado
  • Helen Parker
  • gale white
  • Claire McGee
  • Zoompad
  • jane webb

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