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Pledge “Bristolday”

"I will give my staff the day off on 'Bristol Day' - an unofficial bank holiday, 26th October 2007, but only if 10 businesses or other organisations will do the same."

— Andrew Parkhouse

Deadline to sign up by: 1st October 2007
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Country: United Kingdom

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There are no bank holidays between August and Christmas. How silly. It's great to be productive, but days off are great too.

Contribute to the happiness and well-being of your staff and employees and give them the day off - your business is surely successful enough to afford it?

Why is it Bristol Day?

Because we thought it up in Bristol - "The city that brought you an extra day off."


Please don't pledge if you aren't in a position to actually give the day off - join the Facebook group instead to show your support:

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    Director - Team Rubber, Bristol
  • Accessibility Works are on board Andy (but I'm the only employee). Bring on that day off.
  • I like the concept but I am sure the city council and other large employers would be worried by any possible negative backlash - it could be seen as a sign that Bristol is unproductive or even lazy? Instead of a day off, could 'Bristol Day' be a day where employees spend time doing something positive in the city or their local area???
  • I think it will be good for productivity and staff morale.
  • Hi Stephen,

    One of the key motivations for this is to create more time for people to spend with friends and family, which is reckoned to be one of the key things that contributes to people's sense of well-being.

    So I can see the worry, but I think we need to be examining more closely what purpose work serves: productivity and competitiveness are important, but equally work should also be compatible with other aspects of life.

    I think the UK may be working too many hours unnecessarily. Our business Team Rubber works below-average hours for our sector, and has effectively doubled profit and turnover in the last 12 months. I'd like to see Bristol take a lead on attracting innovative companies that can achieve this kind of performance and commitment to quality of life.

    Holidays are also a major factor in attracting and retaining talented staff, which is a key issue for competitiveness and productivity.

    On the community front, we've found the TUC are running a campaign for 'Community Day':

    So TUC have a great idea, but I'm a bit suspicious of the title 'community day'. I think we have enough days with well-meaning titles to promote issues. Bristol Day is more fun! - and community action couuld still be encouraged.
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